Real Estate Lawyers

When buying real estate, it is important to have a lawyer that specializes in Real Estate and Property Law, to help you navigate through the intricate details. There are many facets an expert can help you with throughout the property buying process. Below are two of the most highly respected Real Estate Lawyers in Vancouver. I have had the pleasure of working with them for many years, and continue to do so.

Having been called to the bar in 1982, Richard has been serving the Vancouver community for 25 years. Specializing in Real Estate Law, Richard and his team ensure that every aspect of the purchase of your new home goes smoothly. Whether you are buying or selling, Richard will be with you every step of the way to help you close out your transaction.

Dahl and Connors are a duo that specializes in Real Estate Law. Having been a part of the Vancouver community for many years, Dahl and Connors know the intricate laws of of BC Real Estate. They also works very closely with the LGBT community in Vancouver, donating both their time and money to various organizations and events.