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Vancouver’s Latest Trend: Moving East

Posted on March 17, 2015

The list of reasons to love East Vancouver is growing at a rapid rate. From new condo developments to public art pieces, East Van is developing into the hip part of the city. We are experiencing a renaissance, that is reshaping this once quiet part of town.

Community Focused Construction

East Van has always been about community, it’s what draws people to the neighbourhoods. Now as it starts its to build upwards and bring in new life to the aging buildings, that sense of community is becoming more apparent. Take for example the Kingsgate Mall project. Still in its preliminary stages, the developers are seeking the community’s input on what they would like to see done with the property.
Another reason to get excited is the newly launched project at Main and Broadway. The Independent is the first of (hopefully) many new buildings planned for the area. It maintains a simple focus of bringing the community together. From large public spaces to community artworks, the Independent is poised to bring a fresh vibe to Mount Pleasant.

Public Art

The art scene in Vancouver is as diverse as the areas that make up this city. This is no more apparent than on the east side of town. With the annual East Van Culture Crawl and numerous art events popping up, it’s fair to say that we have an abundance of creative talent. What really sets East Van’s arts scene apart is the style and abundance of public art. The East Van Cross, the Vancouver Special, and House of Happiness Totem Pole all exemplify what East Vancouver is about; diverse and storied.

Transportantion Upgrades

Vancouver is is on a mission to become the greenest city by 2020. This plan has a tremendous impact on how we live and navigate around this city. Decreasing our dependence on cars is a big part of that. The lack of rapid transit in East Van has always been an issue for its residents. But with the proposed addition of a Skytrain line from commercial/broadway out to UBC, we would see a huge improvement and see a huge influx of residential buildings popping up along the route. Not to mention the increase in bike lanes around the city will make our neighbourhoods greener and far more accessible.


East Vancouver has emerged as a hub for food and drink. Microbreweries have been popping up all over, from Brassneck Brewery in Main to PostMark Brewing in Hastings-Sunrise the beer creations in this city have truly taken on a culture of their own. Then there’s the coffee. Our love for coffee is evident in the number of Starbucks, Blenz, and Waves around the city. But there are local roasters who are making moves with their own style. JJ Bean has been creating great tasting coffee since the mid-nineties. 49th Parallel and Matchstick both have roots in East Van. The food. So much food. You can’t wander through a neighbourhood without finding a good place to get a bite to eat. From breakfast spots like Yolks and Burdock and Co. To lunches at Mr. Red Cafe  (try the deep fried crab meat rolls). And finish it off with a beautiful dinner at Via Tevere. You’d be hard pressed not to find a favourite spot.

Going East

No matter where you go in East Van – Killarney, Renfrew-Collingwood, Grandview – you are bound to see why this part of the city is quickly emerging as the place to be. A new, vibrant energy is taking over East Vancouver and it’s coming in many different forms. It’s no longer the city’s best kept secret, as it’s becoming the talk of the town.