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TOP 10 ways to get your home SOLD FAST

Posted on February 26, 2016

So you’ve made the decision, you’re going to jump into this crazy market and sell.  Whether you’re in a house or townhouse or condo there are is always some sweat equity that can be applied to bring added value or a higher desire for your property!

Take some time to prepare your mind and the space physically for the sale.  Here are some key truths to successful selling;

  1. DISASSOCIATE….’this is not my home, this is not my home…’  Depending on how long you’ve been in your home, this can be very difficult.  You could have raised a family or had other important life events happen there.  Once you’ve made the decision to move start the process of letting go.  There may be criticisms, there may be lower offers than you expected…don’t take it personally!  Say goodbye in your heart and look forward to moving on.
  2. DE-PERSONALIZE.…Take down the 12 photos of Susie as a baby on the hallway wall, remove grandma’s knitted quilt off the lounge chair, the boudoir photos you gave for your 10th anniversary.  You don’t want to distract buyers with your personal artifacts!
  3. DE-CLUTTER….For most sellers, this is a number one stressor when thinking of moving! How am I going to pack all this stuff?!  Start now. If you aren’t using it this week, put it in a box and start your move out now.  Donate, throw away, give to children.  Kitchen counters should be completely clean of all items except small appliances (a few), laundry room should be cloth pile free, keep the decor to a minimum, dining room tables are not storage areas…edit, edit, edit.
  4. RE-ARRANGE….Buyers love to snoop.  Decluttering the obvious is great but decluttering the closets is necessary too. Think of the message it sends when a buyer opens a closet and stuff falls out.  Organize the cutlery, toss the ones that don’t match; organize the cups and dishes with like ones; line up shoes; pack away all winter coats, again anything you are not using that week!
  5. RENT SPACE….can’t box it and get it in the garage? Rent a storage unit for a couple of months!  I can’t tell how important it is to create a sense of space.
  6. REMOVE or REPLACE YOUR FAVS….if you plan on taking the washer and dryer with you because you can’t bear the thought of washing your undies in someone else’s machine, take it out now, or replace it with cheap replace-ables.  If the chandelier belongs to your great aunt, or mirror in the bathroom is a heirloom, remove it!  If they love it and you won’t give it, it could cost you the deal.
  7. MINOR REPAIRS…hole in wall? Patch it and paint.  Leaking faucet? Fix it. Squeeky doors? What’s a can of WD-40 worth.  Burnt out light bulbs, cabinet doors that don’t close, heavily worn bedspreads all take away from the figure potential buyers will write down when they put pen to paper.
  8. SPARKLE AND SHINE….wash windows in and out, rent a pressure washer and use it all weekend, clean the cobwebs, polish the chrome, clean out refrigerator, dust the furniture, hang fresh towels, anything that can be cleaned or made to smell fresh, should be.
  9. SCRUTINIZE….Go outside and open the front door.  Stand there for a minute.  Do you want to go inside? Does this space welcome? See your home through the eyes of a stranger and ask yourself ‘can I do more’.
  10. CURB APPEAL….Now go to the street/sidewalk in front of the house.  Stand there for a minute.  Do you like/love what you see?  Could you add a cheap potted plant, trim the bushes, pull some weeds to make it more appealing? DO IT.


What you put in will directly impact what you get out.  Roll up your sleeves and just get it done!!