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Amazing experiences coming out of The Cedar Cottage Summer Youth Project in beautiful Mt. Pleasant!

Posted on January 25, 2016

Over the summer, 14 youths had the opportunity to work with Randy Chau, Cedar Cottage Youth Coordinator, in a way that gave each person a really special education. The program is geared toward Vancouver area youths growing their leadership skills with each participant picking an area of interest and educate community members.

Justin Li, a student at Gladstone Secondary, took a interesting approach when he decided to teach a group of seniors and a group of young children how to make origami in separate sessions. He states “My goal was to ensure that all my participants would have fun making art”. While the seniors enjoyed the jovial atmosphere and the interaction with the teens, the children soon lost interest. Li learned a valuable lesson in preparing for the audience!

Michael Hong, another Gladstone student, believes that “when you hear music, your body magically moves in many different ways…”.
He chose to teach a group of energetic children 4 dance classes, versing them in Disco, Jumpstyle and Shuffling. Hong and fellow co-hort Garry Fong led the small participants through several routines and were able to lead them to a final performance. Hong is extremely grateful to the Cedar Cottage Youth Program for allowing him to share his love of dance with children, knowing that this opportunity and experience was special.

Randy Chau is the recipient of the tidal wave of positive feedback from neighbours, mentors, children and their parents whom have all benefitted from the interactions and projects of all 14 youths. Projects included art creation, clean up, go-green incentives and more.

Support this local community centre and enjoy the benefits of connecting and giving to those around you!