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Is a $10M budget “enough” to buy a house in Vancouver?

Posted on July 14, 2016

CBC News wrote an article on June 4th about Vancouver Real Estate market, and was asking the following question:

What kind of house can you buy with a $10M budget?

With the real estate bubble we have been seeing in the past 5 years in Vancouver, it seems that it is more and more difficult to buy an extremely beautiful house on the waterfront with “only” $10M. The problem is that with the same dollars, you can now only buy a house that’s half of the size or quality you would have bought five years ago.

CBC News interviewed me about it and I was telling them that for $10M you could get for instance a very modern new house in South Granville or even a high-end Penthouse in Vancouver.

While I specialize mostly in the core of Vancouver Real Estate, the article features other realtors explaining what kind of house you can get for a $10M budget in Whistler, Kelowna, Surrey or Vancouver Island.

Do you need a Realtor in Vancouver?

Even if you don’t have a $10M budget, I would be really happy to help you buy the house of your dreams in Vancouver. Please feel free to check out the listings here on my website or to contact me directly.

Gary Serra, Make the right move.