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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Vancouver Real Estate Agent

Posted on September 13, 2017

If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home, choosing the right Vancouver real estate agent will impact the entire experience. As you’re moving through such a large sales transaction, you need someone you can easily and openly communicate with. But with hundreds of agents in Vancouver, how do you decide who to choose? We’ve put together a list of five questions to ask when choosing a real estate agent.

1. How many clients are you currently working with?

You want to get a feel for how busy the real estate agent is and how much time they’ll have to work with you. A realtor who has too many clients may not be able to dedicate enough time to you, but on the flip side, a realtor with a very low number of clients isn’t always a good sign of their success. However many clients they have, get a sense of the realtor’s workload and how well they manage it.

2. Will I always be working directly with you?

Many real estate agents here in Vancouver, including us, work within a team or agency. Find out from the realtor if they work with anyone else, like fellow realtors or assistants, and if you should expect to hear from them at any point. Here in our office, we have a team of real estate agents as well as an office manager who takes care of a lot of behind the scenes work.

3. What kind of communication should I expect?

Going hand in hand with who you’ll be working with, find out about the realtor’s style of communication. Do they prefer to call, text, or email? How quickly should you expect to hear back from them? Make sure the realtor communicates in a way you’ll be comfortable with to ensure a successful working relationship.

4. Do you have a list of vendors you work with?

When you’re ready to buy or sell your home, it can be very helpful if your realtor has suggestions for vendors to use – like inspectors, lawyers, and designers. Not only does it narrow down your search, but it can tell you a lot about the realtor. If they have a long list of contacts in the industry, it’s probably because everyone enjoys working with them.

5. Do you have a few past clients I can speak with?

A real estate agent should be able to explain what it’s like to work with them, but no one will explain it better than a past client. While an agent would only connect you with clients who had positive experiences, those clients will be able to tell you everything you need to know. After all, they were in your shoes not too long ago.

There’s a lot of information to go through in your first meeting with a new realtor and you need to get a sense of how they work and how they can help you. These five questions will help you figure out which Vancouver real estate agent is right for you and make the process of buying or selling a home much easier.